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    Venga un artículo curioso sobre el CCTLD .nu y otros datos sobre CCTLDs.

    On a tiny island, catchy Web name sparks a battle
    By Christopher Rhoads, The Wall Street Journal

    Country-code domain names were conceived in the early 1980s by Jon Postel, a computer scientist at the University of Southern California, as a way to help organize addressing of the Internet.

    Habra que registrar :bigsmile:

    Many of those listed weren't countries. Some were homes only to penguins. The Indian Ocean made the list, dot-io. Specks of land belonging to other countries were included, such as the United Kingdom's Pitcairn Island, a South Pacific island whose population consists of 50 descendants of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty and their Tahitian wives.

    The arrival of the Internet brought a rare bit of good fortune to Niue, a tiny, impoverished island in the South Pacific.Its national Internet suffix, dot-nu, has become a big hit in Sweden, as "nu" means "now" in Swedish. An entrepreneur in Medfield, Mass., named Bill Semich, who acquired the rights to operate and sell the dot-nu domain name in the late 1990s, has plowed some of the profits from Sweden into making Niue (pronounced New-Ay) the world's first nation with free wireless Internet for all of its citizens, about 1,200 people

    In 2004, France passed a law to legitimize its control over domain names of its overseas territories, such as Mayotte (dot-yt) and St. Pierre and Miquelon (dot-pm). A couple of years ago, the Cayman Islands obtained control of its domain name, dot-ky, from a U.S. entrepreneur marketing the name in Kentucky. He had sold and, among others. Kazakhstan and South Africa have also battled to win back control of their domain names. ||
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    ¿El .la (Laos) sigue en manos de una compañía de Los Angeles?:: el roce hace el dominio ::
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    Parece que sí. Si visitas el de Laos terminas en Los Angeles :bigsmile:

    About Us
    .LA is the official internet address for Los Angeles, the world's first city to receive this accolade. Declare your love for your city, your business, and of course for yourself. Where else in the world could self-gratification become a way of life?

    We are .LA ||